• Facing death with far fewer fears
  • A funeral ceremony being held in a home or a private, intimate setting; allowing for a longer and more personal good-bye
  • Bodies being respectfully touched by family and friends, not by strangers
  • Family and friends decorating or building a casket or urn as a healing act of closure
  • Ecologically conscious final disposition (a cremation or green burial)
  • Children learning that death is a natural part of the lifecycle by participating in a home funeral

Final Passages was the nation’s first non-profit, educational institute and resource center dedicated to conscious dying, and a holistic, green, compassionate and dignified alternative to conventional funeral and after-death practices. We created the first U.S. program to train others in the sacred art of Death Midwifery and Home Funeral Guidance.

We are also the first nationwide organization to create a death midwifery and home funeral guidance training program.

Celebrating 21 Years in Death Midwifery and Home Funeral Guidance!

Our work serves the needs of community members who come from a variety of cultural, economic, and religious perspectives.

Final Passages is an active participant in the National Home Funeral Alliance.

Upcoming Events & Training

Let’s Talk About Death: Film & Discussion Evening

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sebastopol, CA


Honoring Life’s Final Passage – Level 1 and 2
Fri.-Mon., March 23-26, 2018
Sebastopol, CA


2nd International Death Doula Conference

April 12–16, 2018

Maui, Hawaii


Honoring Life’s Final Passage: Level 3
Wed, May 30 – Sun, June 3, 2018
Philo, CA


“Final Passages’ course work is life changing. The education is transforming my perspectives on death and the healing that can occur at the end of life. I look forward to sharing, connecting and assisting with my family, friends and community about home funerals.”

— Victoria Joy


Level 1 and 2 Description

Level 3 Description


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