Stories – Comments from Home Funeral Participants

Comments From Home Funeral Participants

“It will change your life. It slowed down the process, gave us the freedom to change our minds and helped us feel like we were in charge. You can listen to music, take a bubble bath, talk to your friends on the phone, share food, and make difficult arrangements all in the comfort of your own home. It makes the experience part of your life. I could take a nap beside my husband or sit in a chair in the room with his body, or come and go as much as I needed to. It helped me let go a little at a time. All my fears about death melted.”

–Laurie Krausse

“Final Passages went beyond being helpful and caring. They guided me through each phrase of after-death care for my husband without the heavy expense.”

–Carol Greenfield

“Touching Mom’s body was neither frightening nor revolting. We felt like we were doing something authentic and of real value.”

–Robin Roth

“There is culturally some resistance to taking this natural end of life into our hands,” writes Alexandra Hart in Association of Humanistic Psychology (AHP). “It is helpful to know that it is legal and possible to care for your own no matter what difference of attitude you might encounter.”

–Alexandra Hart

“Final Passages was a blessing to me. It was a more personal and natural experience for all of us… like a natural extension of hospice.”

–Tom Sawyer

Home Funeral in Mexico

mexico_05Final Passages would like to thank our dear friend and angel, Janelle Va Melvin, for her years as co-director with Final Passages. Janelle added her hospice skills and experience to Final Passages in 1996 and co-authored the Handbook for Creating Home Funerals. She assisted developing and teaching our Midwiving Life’s Final Passage workshops and has added strength and fiber to the foundation of our model program.

Janelle has left Final Passages and taken a new life direction due to a number of family challenges over the past couple of years including the death of her brother Milan Morrell Melvin, who made his transition on October 6, 2001. In her devotion to carrying out her brother’s final wishes, Janelle directed the services and shares photos with us of how Milan was honored with a home funeral and traditional Mexican burial.

Jerrigrace Lyons, Director
Final Passages

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