• Facing death with far fewer fears
  • A funeral ceremony being held in a home or a private, intimate setting; allowing for a longer and more personal good-bye
  • Bodies being respectfully touched by family and friends, not by strangers
  • Family and friends decorating or building a casket or urn as a healing act of closure
  • Ecologically conscious final disposition
  • Children learning that death is a natural part of the lifecycle by participating in a home funeral
  • Knowing more affordable options compared to conventional methods

Started in 1995, Final Passages was the nation’s first non-profit, educational institute and resource center dedicated to conscious dying, and a holistic, green, compassionate and dignified alternative to conventional funeral and after-death practices.

We are also the first nationwide organization to create a death midwifery and home funeral guidance training program.

More than 20 Years in Death Midwifery and Home Funeral Guidance!

Our work serves the needs of community members who come from a variety of cultural, economic, and religious perspectives. Final Passages is an active participant in the National Home Funeral Alliance.

Upcoming Events & Training

Honoring Life’s Final Passage –Level 3

Wed.-Sun., May 29 – June 2, 2019 – Sebastopol, CA

Let’s Talk About Death: Film & Discussion Evening

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 – Sebastopol, CA

Note: In June, July, and August, our Film and Discussion Evening will move to Tuesdays so we can all enjoy the Peacetown Concert series.

Honoring Life’s Final Passage – Level 1-2 Training

July 26 – 29, 2019 – Sebastopol, CA

“Final Passages’ course work is life changing. The education is transforming my perspectives on death and the healing that can occur at the end of life. I look forward to sharing, connecting and assisting with my family, friends and community about home funerals.”

— Victoria Joy


Level 1 and 2 Description

Level 3 Description

Graduate Practicum

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