Guidebook for Creating Home Funerals


Our Complete Guidebook, Creating Home Funerals, consists of three booklets in binder form convenient for adding or changing documents. These instructional booklets may also be ordered individually.



Purchasing of this rarely found information includes the following topics:

  • Legalities, paperwork and transportation of the deceased
  • How to prepare all arrangements for a home or family-directed funeral
  • How to prepare a loved one to lie-in-honor
  • How to move toward personalized and meaningful closure
  • How to save thousands of dollars, stay in charge and have more choices

Booklet A
Preplanning Instructions for a Home or Family-Directed Funeral:
A preplanning workbook that instructs others as to your preferences, wishes and desires:

  • Home or family-directed funeral instructions and forms
  • Special instructions regarding home ceremonies
  • Estate planning: important people, papers & household inventory
  • A guide to writing an ethical will

Booklet B
Practical Instructions for a Home Funeral:
Detailed instructions and examples to make this very personal process an empowering and fulfilling experience:

  • Check-off list of home funeral arrangement details
  • Preparation of deceased for lying in honor, visitation and ceremony
  • Preservation with ice and lifting and carrying a body

Booklet C
Legal rights, resources and instructions for filing end-of-life documentation in California
Much of this information may be applicable in other states.
Avoid commonly made errors with these detailed instructions:

  • Relevant statutes and codes for home funerals
  • Sample worksheet copies of the Certificate of Death and Permit for Disposition
  • Step-by-step guide for filling out and filing Certificate of Death and Permit for Disposition


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