For Wendy – 2 Weeks later

By Constance Miles, 11/23/20

I call wanting to bring soup.

You’ve just turned on the stereo.

You say you’re ready to have

music back in your life.

When I arrive, you tell me

You’ve just laundered Tymon’s

turquoise shirt. You say you’ve

been hugging it, remembering

the last time it was worn. You

were both watching a movie and

Tymon turned to you with an

impish twinkle in his eye. You

chuckle at that.

And such is grief: One day,

consumed with doubt about

your mothering-Did you do

enough? Could you have done

more? Could you have saved

him from himself? The next,

you’re savoring the sweet-

ness of living together,

knowing he’ll forever nestle in your heart.

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