Community Service

Final Passages is available for speaking engagements for your group or organization.

Our Community Service Program’s goal is to teach groups in the professional and general community about natural family-directed home funerals through three main avenues:

  • presentations and workshops
  • media relations
  • informational event booths

These activities are provided as requested by the community, so there is no set schedule, we simple respond to the frequent requests that come in.

This program has events that occur on average, once a month and are given by myself or one of our trained volunteers.

We go into the community to places such as \:

  • hospices
  • hospitals
  • radio, television, and print media
  • City and State Colleges
  • Universities
  • women’s conferences and organizations
  • death and aging conferences
  • community organizations
  • religious and spiritual organizations
  • other places as requested

We give talks informing people of their alternatives to using the for-profit death care industry (mortuaries and funeral homes).

We educate on the legal rights and options for a low-cost and environmentally sound family-directed funeral arrangement.

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